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A new design, a new focus and a new name
I have been thinking about my website over the last few months and grew increasingly sure that it was not really fit for purpose. When I first started I was very keen to do reviews of a whole bunch of consumer products but my passion for that has grown cold over the last few years. What has taken its place? The Raspberry Pi and more recently digital making.

So from the beginning of August I am relaunching the website with the new name “The Maker Cupboard”, which if you read this blog post you will see why I have gone with that name!
The focus for the website will be

  • The Raspberry Pi blog (continued from the old website)
  • Practical making project write-ups
  • Educational resources (after all I am a teacher) and ideas of delivering CS / programming / Digital making
  • My events diary and blog
Essentially this is a website about things I am passionate about and I hope by reading them you will share my passion and want to learn more.
Thanks for visiting me for the first time if this is your first visit and thanks for sticking with me if you have visited before.


The Maker Cupboard