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Energy stores

This activity uses the Fametoys Bridger Raspberry Pi Zero W controlled train system to revise energy stores and calculating kinetic energy of a moving object.


Step 1

Build a suitable track on a bench or on the classroom floor. You will need to know the length of the track. A very easy way of measuring the length is to use a piece of string to lay around the track and then measure it with a ruler.

Step 2

Measure the mass of the train on a top balance and convert to kg

Step 3

Power on the Raspberry Pi Zero W and establish a connection with a computer running VNC.

Step 4

Start the train moving at a constant forwards speed and time how long it takes to go round the track five times. Divide this time by 5 to get an average speed.

Step 5

Calculate the kinetic energy

Repeat steps 4 and 5 increasing the speed and calculate new kinetic energy values

Step 6

Complete the worksheet here on energy stores and transfers

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