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Pi Certified Educator

Reflections on my first half term as a certified Raspberry Pi Educator

It has been nearly half a term since I attended the October 2014 Picademy at Cambridge. I am very proud of my Certified Educator badge, but as we know it is more than just having a badge.

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One of the phrases we often get at school is “So tell me about the impact”. This has got me thinking about what is the impact of my two days at Pi Towers?

Since October I have ...

  • Had 5 Friday Raspberry Pi club sessions
  • Worked with a local Primary school on getting started with Minecraft programming
  • Organised and led workshops at the Birmingham Raspberry Jam
  • Delivered a two hour Pi session with non-IT teachers at school
  • Delivered three hours of Pi Minecraft workshops at Covent Garden Raspberry Jam
  • Produced several more Raspberry Pi themed resources for school
  • Helped document the Cambridge Raspberry Jam Pi Wars event
  • Worked with the school engineering project on using the Pi as a timing system for modelling real world problems
  • Got to grips with GitHub and uploaded my various projects (thanks Ben Nuttall for the tuition)
  • Built a time lapse camera to use within Science lessons
  • Designed a program of outreach workshops for gifted and talented year 5 and 6 students
  • Started to develop links with the School of Education at Cambridge University
  • Worked out ways in which the Pi can be used to support a student’s D of E application
  • Built a Raspberry Pi powered Christmas tree for my classroom

Not bad really for a Chemistry teacher who loves the Pi!

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