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First Pi GPIO project

Philip’s first project using the Raspberry Pi and the GPIO to control a LED.

This project is based on a recipe card available

After buying our second Pi last week we were keen to start a project with components connected to the GPIO.

flashing LED 1

The code is relatively simple and the circuit basically involves connected a LED with resistor to the Pi GPIO breakout board (available here)

Once we had the basic code written and circuit created I asked Philip if he could adapt the code to:

- select how many flashes the LED will do
- the ‘on’ duration
- the ‘off’ duration

With the final code written Philip was very keen to show us code and flashing LED.

In comparison to the world of GTA5 a flashing LED seems very dull - but this little exercise of building and coding was very well received!

The final code is included below:

import time
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

print 'Welcome to the flashing LED program by Spencer and Philip'

print ' '
print ' '

print 'We first need to decide how many flashes we need'

flash = input('How many flashes would you like: ')

on = input ("how fast do you want the flashes to atay on in seconds ")

off = input ("how long do you want it to stay off for? ")

number = 0

for number in range (0, flash):



We have ordered a few more LEDs from CPC and are hoping to build traffic lights next weekend!

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