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MyPiFi LCD Board support for Raspberry Pi

It is great how many cool things for the Raspberry Pi are coming out through Kickstarter projects.

I would like to highlight the MyPiFi LCD board support for the Raspberry Pi which offers a quick and easy way to add an LCD board to your projects.

The Project has been started by Paul Brown from the UK also know as @mypifi on Twitter. His blog can be found here.


This is a great little device which allows you to easily and quickly change LCD boards attached to all models of the Raspberry Pi. This eliminates the worry of forgetting how each wire was connected.

The pledges start at £6 where you will get an LCD support board with one extended GPIO header, LCD socket and potentiometer kit. The kit needs assembling. For another £5 you get the same kit with 16x2 LCD display with blue backlight.

I look forward to trying one out and writing a more detailed review.

Go fund it today!

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