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Pi kit has arrived

After many months of preparation, resource writing and waiting for orders to be signed at school I’ve now taken delivery of my first 10 Raspberry Pi kits.

The Pi project has started!

Within the next 4 weeks I will be running my first Saturday morning club and after-school twilight training session for local primary school teachers.

10Pi-s3 10Pis 10Pis-2

The objectives of the project are:

  • To work jointly with local Primary Schools in developing computer programming through a range of Saturday workshops and skills days in the Academy.
  • To make available (and give) Raspberry Pi kits to partner schools (supported by resources, lesson plans and CPD sessions)
  • To support Primary to Secondary transition
  • Raise aspirations and build confidence

The main strands of the project include:

  • Saturday sessions - open to all, invitation, 10-15 families over 5 sessions in the Summer term held in the Academy.
  • Skills days in the Academy - targeted through transition work at the end of the Summer term. Primarily aimed at G&T students.
  • Project kits & staff CPD with kits available from September.

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