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Taking your Pi on the road

Outreach work with the Raspberry Pi

Over the last two years I have developed a number of workshops which I have either delivered at Raspberry Jam events or at my school. This year I am very fortunate to have three hours on my timetable once a fortnight for outreach work. Up to now I have been running sessions at my school but I am now starting to take all my gear to other schools.


Having a big boot is a real bonus, I can easily fit 15 monitors in my boot along with all the gear to set up a classroom.


15 Raspberry Pi workstations setup in a classroom ready for the first workshop

What I have learnt?

Before the workshop

  • Visit the school to discuss aims and objectives of the workshop.
  • Visit the classroom, particularly note how many sockets are available.
  • Check that all your equipment is working
  • Have at least one spare Raspberry Pi and three or four SD cards
  • Identify any students who will need additional support with the class teacher

A possible model for a Minecraft Pi workshop (90 minutes)

  • Introduce yourself and the Raspberry Pi
  • Quick build challenge (10 minutes) to build a hospital - explain controls for students who haven’t used PC / Pi edition before
  • Show students how you can build a hospital in about 10 seconds by running hospital script here
  • Students complete task 1 posting messages to chat (from here)
  • There will be many times when students are waiting for help or have completed their task, encourage them to go back to their hospital to add more detail
  • Once everyone has task one completed complete task 5 - building a simple house
  • As an extension complete task 6
  • Review the session by asking students to think of one thing they have enjoyed and one thing they had to show resilience with
  • Hand out certificates

Equipment I take to a workshop

  • 15 x Raspberry Pi (with various hats attached!)
  • 15 x power supplies
  • 15 x keyboards
  • 16 x mice
  • 15 x monitor
  • 15 x HDMI --> DVI for monitors
  • 15 x 4 way power extension lead
  • 2 x 15m garden extension lead
  • data projector, spare Pi and cables
  • 2 x spare Raspberry Pi
  • Worksheets

Do ask any questions and share suggestions in the comments.

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