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Display-o-tron scoreboard - Guest Blog

A guest blog post and code by Philip (age 10)

A game I have always played is hamster wars with my brother. We both love the game but can’t easily keep the scores.

As a result of this I decided to use my Pi with a hat I had seen, called the Display-O-Tron 3000 by Pimoroni. The original idea was that it would be controlled by a website but I started with something simple.

First, I thought of the main things it will need: a competition name; a winning score; the player names; a winner screen; the scores and a way to edit those things.

To get the competition name, when you load the program up the first thing it does is asks you what the name of the competition is. Then I asks how many points to win, then the player names. It puts all of that stuff into variables and puts 0 as the score. Then it puts them into a string and displays then on the Display-O-Tron 3000.

Meanwhile on the terminal is a list of options and you select an option by typing it’s number in. You can change the names, add to the scores and do a lot of stuff. You can even reset so that the title is ‘unnamed competition’ and the players are ‘demo’ and ‘demo2’.

Some more ideas for the future to be added include:

A music player.
Change the background colour.
A keyboard on the Display-O-Tron as it has a joystick on it.
Run it at boot.


Philip - “Keep calm and play Minecraft”

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