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Introducing the TrafficHat by Ryanteck LTD


Firstly a massive thank you to Ryanteck LTD for sending me the TrafficHat to review and secondly I should warn you that I am a big fan of Ryan at Ryanteck so this might be a little bit biased.

I love Raspberry Pi hats, I think the concept is excellent and I am starting to build up a big collection of them.

Ryan has recently released a new product the TrafficHat. Links to his website can be found here.

The hat is currently available as pre-order with estimated delivery next week and retails at £7.75

The Traffichat comes in a semi-kit form with most of the major soldering already done with the user needing to solder three LEDs, a switch and a buzzer. GPIO numbers are pre-assigned for each component making this easier for beginners to start programming with.

The hat contains: 3 jumbo LEDs (Red, Green and Amber), a switch and a buzzer

No extra software or libraries are needed for the hat and programming can be completed in any language which supports GPIO output.

With many students starting out with traffic light projects on the Raspberry Pi, I see this low-cost hat being very useful in a school or club environment where you need a reliable way of connecting LEDs without the need for breadboards or GPIO connectors. Although don’t get me wrong that is also a very important experience for the students to master.


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