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Running Android on the Pi

Video footage of Android running on the Raspberry Pi


First attempt at Android on Raspberry Pi

I had my first boot of an Android system on my Raspberry Pi on Friday. We have made many exciting uses of the Pi at home - programming, web use etc by running Android on the Pi (and therefore on the TV) would be a big step forward.

Back in July 2012 the first tentative mentions of Android running on the Pi were made.

Following the threads and links from Google I found these instructions at:

Step 1: Download an image (this was a compressed file) from

Step 2: Extract the image file.

Step 3: Create the image file to a SD card (minimum 2GB) using dd or image writer which can be found here

Step 4: Boot!

Running a simple time-trial it took approximately 30 second to launch an Android welcome screen and then approximately another 5 minutes before the user interface appeared. This sadly was too slow to be useable (at the moment).


What Philip thinks of the Pi

I asked Philip what he thinks of the Pi ….


Philip's 4th game: Bug hunt

Philip continues to experiment with his Pi and decided to write a game with no help.

This is the result - and I am very pleased with the outcome.

The code for
sprite 1 and sprite 2


Running RISC OS on the Pi

A short tutorial on running RISC OS on the Pi.

Link to image file used:
Link for Win32Disk image:

Philip's Third Raspberry Pi game

Philip has been programming again and this is his third game for the Pi.


Raspberry Pi first game

This is my sons first game he wrote using the Raspberry Pi.


Rapsberry Pi has arrived

After much waiting my Raspberry Pi has arrived.