10 Engaging Python projects

10 Engaging Python Projects is a series of worksheets I have produced to introduce Key Stage 2 and 3 students to the world of the Raspberry Pi and programming in Python.

I started creating some worksheets for my own school Pi club and then thought - why not make it into a free iBook.

The iBook is free and will also be available as a PDF if requested by schools.

The projects are available in an iBook format for Mac and iPad from the Apple iBook Store here

The projects are based around the Traffic Light Kit available from CPC for £4.79 including VAT and can be bought here

A draft of the booklet can be downloaded here

10 engaging python projects

Projects include:

  • Making 1 LED flash with the GPIO
  • Morse code flashes
  • Disco lights with there LEDs
  • Reaction time game
  • Traffic lights

I would love your feedback on this resource as I will be using this with my own Pi club at school.


Primary Pi Day

During next month I will be holding my first Primary School Raspberry Pi day at my Academy. I still need a good working title for the day - so if you have any ideas leave a comment below!

Pi project

This is my draft plan for the day. I would very much value any feedback on the elements of the day. I am assuming that the staff and students have never used a Pi before or used Python. The timings may look strange but they reflect the lesson and break times at school.

The day starts with an introduction to the Pi followed by a first go at programming in Python. After break time we lift the lid and start connecting components to the GPIO. After lunch we delve into the world of Minecraft. The day ends with sharing what we have learnt, awards and encouragement for the future.

Draft plan for the day

9.30 Good morning, Welcome, plan for the day and expectations.

9.40 Session 1: Getting to know the Pi

Looking inside the box
What is a Raspberry Pi?
How is it different and similar to other computers?
Starting up the Pi
Loading the GUI

10.10 Session 2: “Hello World”

What is a programming language?
Introduction to Python
Our first program “Hello world”
Our second program “What is your name?”

10.40 Break time

11.00 Session 3: Connecting things to the Pi

What is the GPIO?
What can we connect the Raspberry Pi?
Project 1: Switching and LED on and off
Project 2: A pair of flashing LEDs
Project 3: Disco lights

12:30 Lunch time

13:00 Session 4: Minecraft

Playing Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi
Programming Minecraft with the Pi

14:00 Plenary

What have we learnt today?


What can you do with a Pi

What can you do with a Pi?

I often get asked what can you do with a Raspberry Pi.

Earlier today I asked a group of students what they would like to do with a Pi. I showed them the GPIO pins and some of my simple LED and switch projects and the great Robotics controller from Ryan Walmsley.

My brief:

  • The Pi had to either sense, control or do both!
  • The Pi can be left running 24/7
  • Use your imagination

A block of sticky notes later and we had a good idea of some of the projects we would like to think about.

  • Gameshow / competition
  • Disco lights
  • Robot
  • Traffic lights for the Academy corridor for use at busy times
  • Model castle with working drawbridge
  • An automated snack delivery system for gamers
  • An alarm system to keep people out of my bedroom
  • Robot
  • Robot

I have a feeling that we may be going down the Robot route. We plan to meet every week once the exams are over to design, build and program our creation.


As we were packing up I was asked if this is the sort of thing that one of the students could work on at home with his parents - my answers was a huge YES!!!!!