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Bare Conductive Pi Cap

Making an interactive Science Quiz using Pi CAP board

Last month the team over at kindly sent me a Pi CAP to experiment with. As revision is now upon us I decided to use it to make a revision aid for year 11 to help with their GCSE Physics exam.

The Pi CAP adds high resolution capacitive touch, distance sensors and high quality audio to your Raspberry Pi. Using electric paint you can easily connect the physical world to the Raspberry Pi.


I wanted to use specifically the capacitive touch with this project but have further ideas to extend it using the audio output too.

The conductive electric paint was 'interesting' to use and I forgot several times that it actually was paint, but it is water soluble!


Creating my quiz

I started by producing my quiz board with a track of electric paint running from each answer to the respective connectors on the Pi CAP. I decided that I would 'cold solder' the terminals straight onto the paper to make this a more permanent resource.


The code was relatively straight forward and I based my quiz on the sample simple touch python script.

I wrote a simple function which gets sent the expected touch number and checks to see if it has been pressed and returns a value of True or False.

I then wrote a series of questions. To avoid issues of letting go of the touch pad being identified as an answer I called the function again after each question but checked to see if the answer was 99. This was then ignored by the function and exited.

The whole code can be found here


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