Pi Birthday Party

A second slice of Birthday Cake

After being snowed in on the 3rd March we really looked forward to the rescheduled Birthday party on the 28th April. We had a great day at Birmingham City University with well over 60 people attending the party.


IMG_6908 IMG_6919IMG_6921 IMG_6923IMG_6926 IMG_6931IMG_6933 IMG_6925

The birthday party had all the usual Jam elements including:

  • Workshops:

Remote control spaceship (Martin O’Hanlon)
Physical Computing space asteroids (Stewart Watkiss)
Physical Computing using the Micro:bit (Bob Bilsland)
Hacking Python games (Alan O'Donohoe)

  • Show and tell area in the futuristic learning space called The Hive.
  • Robot Sumo battle by fizzPOP
  • 3D printing demonstrations by Adam Woodall and Tim from backface.co.uk
  • A great keynote talk by Pete Lomas (Co-creator of the Raspberry Pi and trustee)

We will be running more events at BCU so keep an eye out on twitter.

Many thanks to the following organisations for supporting the event:

  • King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy in Birmingham
  • fizzPOP
  • Pimoroni
  • Birmingham City Univeristy

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