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Key words, Raspberry Pi and the Pipsta

Key words, Raspberry Pi and the Pipsta

I recently reviewed the Pipsta for the Raspberry Pi and have been thinking over the last week of creative ways that it can be used within the classroom.


Included with the Pipsta example code is a script for generating banners. I was immediately drawn to the idea of using these to generate key words to stick onto the white board or classroom wall.


Whilst this may seem a very simple tool to use it does have some real potential for the class teacher:

  • The only consumable is the paper, which is incredibly cheap to buy
  • There is no cutting out needed once the key words are printed
  • The print head and font size is very readable
  • The printed image should last between one and seven years depending on the quality of the paper and how it is handled.
  • The speed of printing is incredibly and can easily be done during a lesson

Combining this with the ability to SHH into the Raspberry Pi students could also print out their own key words during a lesson from their own computers.

Visit the Pipsta website here

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