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Protocam+ review







The ProtoCam+ is great little prototyping board for the Raspberry Pi model A+ and also fits nicely on the B+. Assembly is relatively simple (simply solder the extended GPIO header onto the board) and then you are read to prototype. In the photos above I soldered three jumbo LEDs to the board and then used short lengths of cable on the reverse.

Once the prototype has been built it is then a simple job of attaching the camera module to the board. In my example I have attached three LEDs to show the status of a time-lapse sequence.

Key features:

  • Camera is mounted as part of the large prototyping surface
  • Full access to the 40 GPIO pins
  • 0, 3V and 5V power rails
  • The camera mounts onto the rear of the board with the lens pushed through a hole
  • Covers the entire surface of the A+ Pi
  • Fils neatly onto the B+ Pi
  • Comes with a short 85mm camera cable which folds under the board neatly
  • Nearly 300 connections available in lines of 3 or 4

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