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Unicorn Hat camera

Things to do with a Unicorn Hat

You may have seen in an earlier post that I got the Unicorn Hat from Pimoroni for Christmas. With a spare hour this evening I had a quick think about a fun project using this display.

Introducing the Unicorn Camera.

Combining the Raspberry Pi camera running a simple time-lapse program and the Unicorn Hat I made a very simple camera with flash function.

The display shows you:

  • How many frames you have selected
  • The status of the flash (on or off)
  • A warning before the sequence starts
  • The frame number after each photo
  • Confirmation that the sequence has ended

The code for the project can be found here on github

The scrolling text will require the UnicornHat Scrolling text code from

The code is customisable to vary the number of frames and the interval between each frame.

You must create a folder in your /home/pi directory called photo-output
I have set the hat brightness at 0.4 for both safety and power reasons.

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