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Flotilla Weather Station

You may have read my earlier blog post on the great Flotilla kit from Pimoroni and my first look at using Python with the sensors.


I am currently looking at how I could use the kit in the classroom and particularly using Python with the sensors.

As part of this project I am building a simple prototype weather station that both uses inputs and outputs to collect data and display it on a simple bar chart.

At this stage the following modules are used:

Weather (for temperature and pressure)
Touch (to select different measurements)
Light sensor

My @raspberrypifoundation powered @pimoroni #weatherstation built using #flotilla is coming along well

A video posted by MrUkTechReviews (@uktechreviews) on

If you would like to try it for yourself the code is below:

Matrix - connected to 1
Number - connected to 8
Weather - connected to 2
Touch - connected to 3
Light - connected to 7

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