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Highlights of last month (September)

September is usually a time of new starts as I head back to school for a new school year. This year I am teaching the whole of year seven Computer Science which will be an interesting experience.
As I get to the end of the month I am still waiting for IT rooms to teach some of my CS classes in which makes life interesting.

  • 13th - 15th September was my second visit to PyConUK. It was a brilliant and very full-on weekend with a talk, a workshop, helping at a workshop and lots of video mixing.
  • 16th September saw me heading up to London to Google London for the graduation of the NCCE certificate. This was a great event and I really enjoyed the time spent chatting with other candidates.
  • Very excited to have a lesson plan published in Hello World and to be featured on the NCCE blog!

Coming up this month (October)

  • At the moment October is looking quite quiet with very few activities planned. I will be working on a new Christmas workshop.
  • I will be working on a second Hello World lesson plan for the November issue.