37 sensor kit

sensor title

I was given the 37 Sensor Kit from Elegoo.com for Christmas and I think that this will be a lot of fun.

This is a really well presented box containing 37 sensors ranging from a Joystick to IR Emitters and Receivers.

sensor CD

sensor box

Accompanying the box is a CD (shown above) which contains:

  • PDF workbook laid out in a lesson per sensor. This is very comprehensive and definitely would be good for a beginner or someone taking their first steps in physical computing / project making. A schematic diagram is included for every sensor along with relevant theory about how the sensor works.
  • Libraries - Any additional Arduino libraries are included on the CD in a handy zip format which are very easy to import.
  • Code - example code for every sensor to get you started with your first projects.


Overall this is a great project kit and I personally think excellent value for money.

I will post project write-ups of the great things I build with it here

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