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Teachers to be offered years paid sabbatical to improve retention

This week Damian Hinds unveiled a scheme to help improve retention of teachers.

I am now in my 21st year of teaching and have only ever taught in inner-city secondary schools. Now don't get me wrong, I love my job, the kids and wouldn't swap it for the world.

But after 21 years I am exhausted. ….

When I first started teaching there was very much a big emphasis on CPD and training but there has definitely been a slow decline in the funding for external CPD and opportunities. The last external training course I went on was the brilliant Picademy from the Raspberry Pi Foundation in 2014. Luckily this course is free and the only cost to the school is supply cover for two days.

I appreciate that not all CPD has to be away from school in fancy hotels and I know we do get excited about this as it isn't part of our normal teaching life!

I know there are lots of free opportunities of events to attend such as BETT which usually have a weekend day making it more accessible.

Teaching does seem to be a profession that once you are qualified and in the system no one really seems to care about you any more.

I need investment in my career, I need to step away from the relentless stream of marking, planning, dealing with behaviour issues, marking, assessment, changes to the GCSE spec and focus on what will help me become an even better teacher for the next twenty years.

So yes please, sign me up, help me get a new fresh perspective on teaching.

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